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Smart Card

  • Printed or non printed
  • Options of
  • Magnetic stripe
  • Signature panel
  • Chip types available
  • Mifare 1k
  • Mifare 4k
  • EM4102
  • Hitag range
  • Q5
  • HID
  • RFID keyfobs
Smart card technology comes into its own in a deployment where the data and/or value held by each cardholder is best residing on the card itself rather than in a networked system. Examples include ticketing applications and access control applications. Ecardz has experience in both designing and deploying smart card systems as well as supplying the cards and related infrastructure.

The case for Smartcards

With the increasing sophistication of internet based CRM and other types of data management systems, some may question the need for smartcards as opposed to other more cost effective types of cards. Ecardz is well positioned to advise in this area and can offer viable solutions based on a number of types of cards. The case for smartcards becomes compelling in the following situations:
  • Cardholder data must be strongly encrypted for security, for example identification and verification as needed in both physical and logistical access control
  • Value is to be stored on the card for example in transportation or ticketing applications
  • The authenticity of the cardholder must be protected and anti fraud encryption is a key requirement, for example Healthcare cards
Ecardz supplies both contact and contactless smart cards and can assist you in the decision making process and in launching of your smart card based system. We also provide NFC tags and NFC cards for smarter solutions.
RF technology for identification and micropayment can be encapsulated in a number of different form factors. Most commonly used are ISO cards, these can be personalised in much the same way as any other plastic card and are thus very useful. However your deployment may call for something different and Ecardz supplies this technology as keyfobs, wristbands, labels and even as cute phone accessories. Let us know your requirements. Our cards and tags come in a number of different chip formats, and if you are just launching we can certainly make some recommendations. Readers are also available if required.