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How to print ID cards. Poitnman TP9200 ID printer.

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How to print ID cards. Well Pointman TP9200 has proven itself to be a really good ID printer but that is not enough obviously, you need to know how to work it. To make it easier for you to understand how it all works, to make it easier we are publishing series of videos from …

Remember to include bleed

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For designs which require Edge-to-Edge printing, please make sure your design extends for 3mm past the edges of the finished card. This concept is as known as bleed and ensures that your finished cards will not have any white edges. The pink line on the below image indicates the finished shape of the card and …

When designing your cards

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When designing your new cards it is important to remember that the finished product is only 54mm × 86mm so text and logos that may appear big on screen will be much smaller on the actual cards. Be sure to allow enough room so that text can be printed in a clear legible font and …