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ID Cards

Quality ID Card NZ Wide and ID Card Printing

ID cardsA plastic identification card (ID Card) with a good clear photo and a quality representation of your logo is a great way for your staff to be easily identifiable by your customers. Our ID cards are printed using a thermal transfer process which results in true edge to edge ID card printing and an excellent reproduction of desired coloured id cards NZ wide. Ecardz produces ID cards with a range of extra features including magnetic stripes, smart chips, barcodes and QR codes. Using the same technology, Ecardz can also print competency certificates and staff authority warrants as well as a number of specialty cards. You can print your own cards with our ID card printer as well.

An overview of ID cards NZ wide and ID card printing

Identification cards are used in various situations, from identification to authentication. Some of the ID cards produced by Ecardz are used for: Site entry, Council Staff warrants, Student Identification, Staff Identification and Competency Certificates. We believe ID cards should be secure and verifiable, with recent news about fake ID cards and issues they are causing for companies. There are many ways to secure ID cards, from verifiable QR code or secure NFC cards. Get in touch with us to discuss security of ID cards and ID card printing. Ecardz also supplies ID card printer NZ wide.

ID card specifications and artwork for ID card printing

ID card printingDepending on your requirements, an ID card can include multiple features such as a photo, barcode, QR code, magnetic stripe, smart chip or RFID or a combination of these features depending on what you require. Printing ID cards is simple and painless, but we suggest to think through the future of your business and add the features to your ID cards while we print.

We always suggest to future proof your business and avoid future costs by thinking ahead. An ID card for a school could simply be used to access bus network for students, the solution we have been working with Christchurch schools and Metro Bus network. We work with you to design, print, activate and deliver ID cards for any business type and size. To know more about our standards read below. We supply ID cards NZ wide, so if you need ID cards or ID badges, get in touch today.

Custom printed identification card

ID card printing NZCustom printed plastic id cards can be printed to your own design and specifications. Full colour photographs or art will be reproduced faithfully and Pantone colours will be followed if supplied. We can include metallic inks and holographic stamping to add authenticity and to achieve the look you are wanting. Smart cards are included in the range, we supply a number of commonly used contactless cards, including Mifare 1kb and Mifare 4kb. Our contact card range includes SLE4432 and SLE4464. Other chip types may be supplied on request. Our ISO standard ID cards are also used to overprint colourful and on–brand identification cards for many companies and organisations, as well as for local and central government departments. Functionality can be enhanced by adding barcodes or magnetic stripe encoding data to the basic cardholder data and photograph which appear on the front of the card.

ID Cards ISO Standards

Cards conform to ISO Standards 7810-1995 (E) and 7810-1990 (E). The cards are made of PVC plastic and have a sheer gloss laminate overlay on both sides which allows for cardholder details to be added. In appearance the cards resemble banking cards and have rounded corners. The base stock colour is white. Printing options include: Full colour one side, Full colour both sides or Full colour front with black text reverse. Barcodes and magnetic stripes can be included if required. Base stock can be plain white card, HID access control card, Mifare access control card or plain white card with magnetic stripe.

ID Card printing Artwork Specification

Standard Card Size:86mm × 54mm
Artwork Image Size:no less than 87.5mm × 55.5mm
Bleed:no less than 1.5mm if you require your image to extend to the edge of the card.
Resolution:300dpi or greater is recommended.
Design software:Photoshop
File format:.psd, .tiff, .bmp Jpg image 300dpi or more is the preferred format
Cardholder Details:All cardholder details which need to be printed onto the cards MUST be supplied as an excel spreadsheet with all photos clearly referenced.
Cardholder Photos:Please supply as jpg images not smaller than 100K and not larger than 1Mb per photo. Photos can be in original format and uncropped as we can crop to fit in house. Photos should be taken from 1 metre distance from the subject. Alternatively photos can be cropped to a standard size and shape prior to sending.

We supply secure ID cards NZ wide, enquire today.