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Add Cardholder Details

Adding details to ID cards

Id card barcodeCards are a brilliant method of enhancing the branding of your company or organisation, as each cardholder carries your branding right there in their wallets. The ways of personalising them are many and varied and Ecardz provides an efficient and cost effective service ranging from simply adding a number through to full personalisation including name, title, expiry date and any other detail which is needed. Your card base can be as personal or as generic as you require.

What you can add to ID cards

Tips and Suggestions for adding cardholder details to ID cards

If you are planning to use your cards in conjunction with your Point of Sale system, please let us know who your provider is so we can ensure the finished cards will be able to be read by your Point of Sale software

A busy background design will make cardholder details difficult to read. To avoid this problem it is best to create an area in your card design where the cardholder details can be easily read, for example a light coloured background area for black over print or a dark coloured area for white or silver overprint.

If printing a barcode it is best to have a white area in your card design which will accommodate the barcode in the size and shape you want it to be printed. This way you will not have any issues when it comes to reading the barcodes on your cards!

Send us your cardholder details in any of the following formats: .txt .csv or .xls.

Note: you only need to include the details for each person that you actually want to have appear on the cards.

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