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Membership cards and Loyalty cards

Membership Cards and Loyalty Card Printing

membership card printingMembership cards or loyalty cards are not just for big businesses. Any business type can use a loyalty program from an offline loyalty management system like Quidz that we offer or an all in one online loyalty management system.
At Ecardz we offer full colour membership card printing, loyalty card printing and even loyalty card printers. You can design a branded loyalty card or membership card to allow your customers accumulate points and enjoy benefits.

Membership cards and loyalty cards improve sales

Research has shown using a loyalty program or membership program leads to a increased sales and profit. Sense of loyalty among customers is essential for repeat purchase in most businesses. Having a branded membership card or loyalty card with tangible results helps your business achieve higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Membership card printing

We offer complete membership card printing NZ wide, depending on the requirements and use cases we can provide you with smart membership cards, loyalty cards with magnetic stripes or add barcode or QR codes for your legacy systems. Using state of the art card printers, we print your loyalty cards or membership cards on high quality cards of your choice. With two offices in Auckland and Christchurch we deliver your cards across New Zealand.

Our plastic card printing standards

We use standard Pantone colour matching to ensure your company or club colours are matched to; we also provide metallic and other special effects to make your cards stand out. Plastic cards and plastic card printing need to be high quality to accommodate your colourway and brand. For cards without magnetic stripes, Ecardz can support any number of creative designs, shapes and sizes, so if you are wanting something a little bit different don’t hesitate to give us a call.

membership cards specification and artwork

Plastic Card PrintingOur plastic membership and loyalty cards conform to ISO Standards 7810-1995 (E) and 7810-1990 (E). The cards are made of PVC plastic and have a sheer gloss laminate overlay on both sides which allows for cardholder details to be added. In appearance the cards resemble banking cards in size and shape with rounded corners. The base stock colour is white. Ecardz can design a card for you or work from your supplied artwork to create an attractive card which represents your brand in the market. Our cards can be printed up to full colour on both sides and can include additional features such as metallic inks, foil hotstamping, magnetic stripes and signature panels if required.

Plastic Membership Card Artwork Requirement

Standard Card Size:86mm × 54mm
Tag Size:Refer to your quote for options
Artwork Image Size:Or:no less than 87.5mm × 55.5mm for cards. add 1.5 mm bleed to your preferred tag size option
Bleed:no less than 1.5mm if you require your image to extend to the edge of the card.
Resolution:300dpi or greater is recommended.
Design software:Photoshop
File format:ProgrammeFile FormatMode
Photoshop.psd, .tiff, .bmpCMYK
* a jpg file is also required for sales reference ** a vectorised (outlined) pdf file is also acceptable for printing
Fonts:Please include all printer and screen fonts used in your artwork. If you are positive that we won’t need to amend your file, you can convert all type to curves or outlines.
Images:Please include all of your placed or imported images

Give us a call today to discuss your membership card printing needs.