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ID cards

  • ISO Standard PVC cards as used for banking
  • Full colour edge to edge print
  • High quality gloss finish
  • Can be punched for a tag or clip
  • Adhesive cards available for retro fitting to access control cards
  • Individually printed key tags with barcoding
  • Design service available
  • Card Accessories
  • Keypulls
  • Lanyards
  • Clips
  • Cardholders
  • 3n1 Hole Puncher
Identification cards are used in many situations, some of the ID cards produced by Ecardz are used for : Site entry, Council Staff warrants, Student Identification, Staff Identification and Competency Certificates. Ecardz also supplies ID card printer NZ wide.
Cards conform to ISO Standards 7810-1995 (E) and 7810-1990 (E). The cards are made of PVC plastic and have a sheer gloss laminate overlay on both sides which allows for cardholder details to be added. In appearance the cards resemble banking cards and have rounded corners. The base stock colour is white. Printing options include: Full colour one side, Full colour both sides or Full colour front with black text reverse. Barcodes and magnetic stripes can be included if required. Base stock can be plain white card, HID access control card, Mifare access control card or plain white card with magnetic stripe.
Artwork Requirement for Identification Cards
Standard Card Size:86mm × 54mm
Artwork Image Size:no less than 87.5mm × 55.5mm
Bleed:no less than 1.5mm if you require your image to extend to the edge of the card.
Resolution:300dpi or greater is recommended.
Design software:Photoshop
File format:.psd, .tiff, .bmp Jpg image 300dpi or more is the preferred format
Cardholder Details:All cardholder details which need to be printed onto the cards MUST be supplied as an excel spreadsheet with all photos clearly referenced.
Cardholder Photos:Please supply as jpg images not smaller than 100K and not larger than 1Mb per photo. Photos can be in original format and uncropped as we can crop to fit in house. Photos should be taken from 1 metre distance from the subject. Alternatively photos can be cropped to a standard size and shape prior to sending.