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QUIDZ™ is a payment and loyalty solution to help you maximise the benefits of knowing your customers shopping patterns. Data is captured at your point of sale and is transformed into meaningful marketing information by our powerful online management system.

QUIDZ™ is ideal for:

  • – Loyalty – a way encouraging your customer return
  • – Prepayment – make your customer’s shopping experience even better
  • – Gift cards – let more people shop at your business

By adopting QUIDZ™ you will have access to a tool which will enable you to see trends in your business and develop effective marketing strategies to target your best customers and to increase your revenue across all of your customer sectors.

Quidz Overview

QUIDZ™ is an easy to use and highly configurable software program for Loyalty and Gift card issuance.

QUIDZ™ can operate in Prepay Mode (Gift) or in Loyalty Mode.

Loyalty mode

In Loyalty Mode using QUIDZ™, you will be able to offer your loyal customers rewards which are tailored by you!

  • Reward offers can be set on a product level
  • Special offers can be made for set times
  • Alternatively, discounts can be offered on certain items

QUIDZ™ includes a member data area for adding new members.

Basic information is collected and stored by the software, a marketing page is included which can be configured with questions relevant to information important to your business.

User friendly…

Existing loyalty member’s details can be imported via a .csv file.

Prepay mode (gift)

In Prepay Mode (Gift), prices are set for products. Value is deducted from or added to the prepay (gift) cards when they are presented to the program. Features of the prepay mode:

  • Products, codes and prices can be edited
  • Cards are topped up via cash and the value is loaded onto the cards ready for use.
  • Cash limits can be set
  • Lost or stolen cards can be blocked by you.

About Online QUIDZ™

Access from anywhere

Are you worried about your business when you are travelling? Do you want to have a remote control of your business at home?

Online QUIDZ™ is running on our stable server, you can access Online QUIDZ™ from anywhere at any time.

Easy card order

Do you have a new customer who wants a card? Do you want to order a batch of gift cards?

You don’t have to go through several processes to get a card. Just several clicks on Online QUIDZ™, that save your time and job done.

Customer management

You can have all details about your customers. Check the most active customer, send newsletter to tell all of them what new stuff arrived at your store, stop some cards temporarily, and update cardholder’s information etc.

You would have a easy way to control all the data about the cardholders.

Monitor transactions

Online QUIDZ™ associates with QUIDZ™ to monitor the transactions that happens over all your sites and terminals.

By utilising the features of Online QUIDZ™, you can apply many filters to monitor your transactions. No matter when they happened, how much the customers purchased, you just need few seconds, Online Quidz™ will show you what you want to see.

Flexible reports

Online QUIDZ™ have many types of reports that help you analyse your business. Such as:

  • Transaction values/points report
  • Number of transactions report
  • Balance report
  • Hourly transaction report
  • Age group report
  • History report

A beautiful chart and detailed data will be listed and be able to export as a PDF document. Those robus reporting system will guarantee you can get your business information accurately, fast at any time. You will never wait for a statement or report till the begining of a month and still be confused about the complicate reports.

Manage all your sites

Just set once, the settings can be applied to all your terminals.

You can control all your sites on Online QUIDZ™.

  • Button settings
  • Marketing questions
  • User management
  • Store management

You will find how helpful the Online QUIDZ™ is.


QUIDZ™ is Windows based and will run on the following Windows PC platforms:

  • Windows 7/8
  • Vista
  • XP
  • 2000

To start using QUIDZ™ for your business, all you need is a PC and a means of reading the type of card you wish to issue:

  • A barcode reader for barcoded cards
  • A magnetic stripe reader for magnetic stripe cards
  • A smartcard reader for smart cards

QUIDZ™ is configurable to work with barcode cards, magnetic stripe cards or contactless smartcards, depending on your preference.

QUIDZ™ has been designed to run on either a touch screen PC or a PC with a monitor, keyboard and mouse so is ready for deployment in almost any situation.

QUIDZ™ will also run on tablet PCs and is ideal for accepting cards in a mobile situation.

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