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Does your customer base require special services and/or products which are provided by 3rd party providers? Do you need a way to authenticate your customers to your chosen suppliers so they can receive the special benefits you offer?

If so, Ecardz’ Authentication Programmes which are run through the EFTPOS System could be the solution you are looking for.

With no need to add any additional software or hardware to your suppliers counter space, Ecardz systems are easy to install and require no more skill to operate than is required to use their existing EFTPOS terminals.

The comprehensive reports which are generated will keep both your accounts department and your marketing department happy.


This is an EFTPOS system. A simple swipe will identify your cardholder to a participating retailer and authorise purchases in their store. Some transaction types require extra security and authentication is a simple and quick way of adding confidence. Card holders may have limited rights to certain services like pharmaceutical products or tobacco and alcohol.