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Gift Card Solutions

Gift cards are a valuable addition to the product offering of most businesses. Whether you are involved in retail, wholesale or your business is in the service industry, your customer base can be increased via issuing Gift Cards. Ecardz supports Gift Card issuance via the Eftpos system or via its Quidz™ product line and in either case can supply you with an easy to use solution, including professionally printed cards with special security features added.
Ecardz gift card solutions have security in mind which means the potential risk of fraud associated with paper vouchers is removed and the system provides a comprehensive reporting function for reconciliation and data capture that can be used for future targeted marketing campaigns.
This simple to use and highly configurable program is ideal for all businesses. The system provides all the benefits of having a gift card system that the big box retailers currently enjoy but for a fraction of the cost.
  • 100% of the unused value of the card (shrinkage) is retained by you, the retailer
  • Monthly tailored reports provided
  • Balance print out for customers
  • User friendly
  • Affordable
Ecardz can help tailor your gift cards and loyalty cards  to suit your business with an industry standard payment system.