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The most obvious applications for prepayment are in ticketing and transport, however this principle can be applied with success in other industries, including tourism and food & beverage.

There are many advantages to a prepaid card, for you the business owner or manager you will be able to take advantage of these pre sales to manage your inventory and minimise wastage. There is also a degree of shrinkage which can add to your profit. Most importantly though, your prepaid customers are very likely to come and actually use your products and services, giving you an opportunity to create a loyal customer and benefit from their ongoing business.

Prepay often works best when incentivised for the initial purchase. Talk to Ecardz about this if you are considering launching a prepaid card programme.


Prepayment is available as either a standalone tool or an extra option to your card system, this system allows fast payments for small, frequent items like coffee. This is an attractive alternative to running a tab.


Prepayment and Loyalty are modules which can be run together through our Quidz programme. This means prepayment value and loyalty points can be held on the same card and purchases using the stored value can be credited to your cardholder’s loyalty points.

There is a lot of flexibility in this programme and we can work with you to tailor a solution for your needs.


Your prepaid value can be loaded via your Eftpos terminal and we provide transaction data reports. Using your Eftpos terminal gives you banking level security for your prepaid cards and loading and redeeming value is a very simple process for your staff to manage.