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Why should you get high quality ID cards or plastic cards?

plastic id cards

Here at Ecardz we believe in empowering our clients through education about ID card printers, and plastic cards and the best practices when it comes to printing badges and PVC ID cards. There are two parts in ID card printing, one side is the technology of ID card printers and the other is the quality of supplies. In this article we focus on choosing the right blank plastic card. The right blank cards can significantly improve the quality of the final ID badge and extend the useful life of your printer.

Surface of the blank Plastic ID cards

One of the problems with low quality PVC ID cards is an uneven card surface. Although the bumps are small, but the technology of the ID card printers is intricate. The uneven surface can cause serious issues with your ID printer such as:

  • Bumps and blemishes:  If you’re using a direct-to-card ID printer, the printer head comes in direct contact with the surface of the card. A small bump or scratch can simply even small bumps can cause damage to the print head or internal mechanisms. Blemishes cannot be covered by ink and that means it will make the cards look bad and even affect barcodes, QR codes or even the magnetic stripe.

Saving money by buying low quality plastic cards can simply damage your expensive printer and cost you hundreds of dollars in printer supplies. Blemishes can simply ruin a good card design and make your brand look unprofessional.

Blank PVC Card Sizing Issues

Another issue of concern with low quality PVC cards is the sizing of the cards. If the cards are not manufactured to the highest standards, the card dimensions may be a bit off, causing problems during printing. For example, a size difference of just one millimetre can cause the card to jam or the ribbon to tear. Further, those using re-transfer printers may find that some of the images or text are cut off, because of incorrect card dimensions.

Get the Right plastic Cards

Here at Ecardz we know just how important it is to use the right supplies in your ID printing process. That’s why we carry only high quality PVC cards from the best brands in the world. If you need help selecting the right cards for your printer, please give us a call at (03) 359 0026, or send us an email through the Contact Form.