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  • Pointman TP-9200

    Now well established in the market, Ecardz is proud to be distributor of the superb line of Pointman printers, tried and tested in our own bureau. The Pointman TP-9200 is a reliable ID card printer which prints quality ID cards. Bundled with its own easy to use software, the Pointman is a cost effective alternative to the others on the market due to its very reasonable consumable prices. All Pointman printers come with a 2 year warranty.

  • Gift cards

    Little wonder that the use of electronic cards has became so popular. Secure and good for customer relations and vendor cash flow.

  • Loyalty and membership cards

    Loyalty cards are an excellent way of retaining existing customers and adding new customers to your business.

    Member ship cards use your existing artwork or have our in-house card design team make your membership cards stand out. We can personalize these cards and our own card bureau facility.

  • Identification Solutions

    If you are looking for an ID card for your organisation. Ecardz can supply 24 hour turnaround with edge to edge printing at afordable prices.

    • Easy template set up
    • Full range of accessories
    • Clips, card holders, lanyards.
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Full colour printing

A professionally printed own brand plastic card is a powerful marketing tool which helps to keep your organisation top of mind with your clients....

Plain Cards

Our high quality white plastic plain cards are ideal if you have your own printer and wish to print your own small run identification or membership cards. Colour or mono foils are available in our consumables section for most printer t...

Coloured Cards

Coloured cards can be used for all of the applications that fully printed cards can be used for. They are a cost effective solution when small numbers of cards are required (i.e. fewer than the minimum cost effective run size for fully...

Adding Cardholder Details

Cards are a brilliant method of enhancing the branding of your company or organisation, as each cardholder carries your branding right there in their wallets. The ways of personalising them are many and varied and Ecardz provides an ef...


Barcodes are used as a quick way to identify your cardholders to your software package each time they come to your store. All you need is a barcode scanner fitted to your PC at the POS. Ecardz creates barcodes which are compatible with...

Magnetic Stripe

Magnetic stripes are a useful and quick way to identify your cardholders to your software package, be it a simple membership database, a Point of Sale system or an Eftpos based CRM system. Additional security can be built in if require...

Smart Card

Smart card technology comes into its own in a deployment where the data and/or value held by each cardholder is best residing on the card itself rather than in a networked system. Examples include ticketing applications and access cont...

ID cards

Identification cards are used in many situations, some of the ID cards produced by Ecardz are used for : Site entry, Council Staff warrants, Student Identification, Staff Identification and Competency Certificates.

Card accessories

We have a great range of accessories to use with and to protect your ID cards. Rigid cardholders will prolong the life of your ID cards and are especially useful for outdoor staff who are working in ruggedized environments....

Eco-Friendly cards

Related use: Membership, Loyalty and Gift cards.


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I am extremely pleased with the card printer recommended to me by ECARDZ and the back-up service I have received, since I purchased it...

-- Total Mobility Coordinator, Valda Patton

We are delighted to work with Ecardz and would recommend them and their company’s service to anyone...

-- James Wilson

From our initial contact with Ecardz, it was clear they are a team, passionate about providing innovative and practical software solutions...

-- Ripe Coffee